ha·​nom·​aly | ha-nä-mə-lē


1. : one that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Who is Hanomaly?

Because of my empathetic personality– I feel everything so deeply. I use my photographic and storytelling eye to capture your moments as if I were the one experiencing them – because I’m right there with you. Feeling alongside you. Celebrating the livin’ daylights outta you. You may think of your photographer as an outsider to your life, your relationship, and your emotions. But not Hanny (Hanny don’t play that) – I strive to truly, truly become your best friend. Not just on your wedding day, but 12 months beforehand and all the years after. My humor, intentionality, and palpable love for my clients creates a real friendship and trust between us. It allows them to fully trust me with their real and precious moments. This job is so deeply personal, and in order to do my best job at telling the story of your relationship, we gotta both be down to connect – probably over hot cheetos and coffee!

So what does Hanomaly mean to me? Hanomaly is my take on my favorite word anomaly. In my “outsider” type feelings, the adjectives making up the meaning of the word latched onto me. It turned all the negative and insecurity-driven words into powerful and strength-driven meanings. With that, and a solid play on words with my name, Hanomaly was born. The anomaly in my work isn’t in quirks or abstraction; but a feeling. I want the feeling felt to be the explanation. Unable to be classified or put in a box.