For Photographers

Hannah, a photographer, hanging up a wedding dress

Begin Better

(pdf only)

A 22-page PDF informative document to bring the overwhelming business side of photography down to a human level.

I have always consumed information very slowly and need to be explained in a way I sometimes over-saturated with thoughts and ideas—brain–can be. I spent many years loving photography & what’s contained in this document was what I needed to understand to become the key to unleashing the depths of my creativity within my photography business. Getting beyond the mountain of confusion and overwhelm gave me the largest exhale imaginably —& my art emerged.

Helping newbies start well & ‘hobbyist pros’ a ‘let’s REALLY get started’.

Congrats on changing the entire game for yourself.


Begin Better PDF + Zoom Call

In this option you will receive the ‘Begin Better’ PDF which is intended in it’s design to be able to be understood on your own. However–this gives the ability to have me walk you through and give you the opportunity to dig deeper.



Hannah, a photographer, hanging up a wedding dress

Me, Myself, & Mentorship

The Basics & Then Some

  • 4-week course
  • 1 one-hour call/facetime per week
  • 2 shadow sessions
  • 1 practice session (model call)
  • shadow 1 wedding

Topic options include but not limited to:

  • Honeybook
  • Lightroom
  • budgeting
  • settings
  • creativity
  • gear