Let’s get personal. There are a handful of swift-moving moments that determine your relationship with your in-laws. Very rarely does that come at a time where they aren’t even legally bound to you yet & you have the privilege and responsibility of capturing the second best day of their life (clearly me entering the scene was the first, duh.). Six months into dating my, now, husband my future mother-in-law asked if I’d document her new season of marriage. There was a bittersweet feeling of all the warm fuzzies of feeling accepted by a woman who I knew would be in my life forever & trying not to throw up at the terror of screwing it up and having to re-live the torture for all of time. Needless to say, it went better than I allowed my fear to build up. I got to be a part of my own story through the lens of hers. To watch one of the women who helped raise my then boyfriend, now husband, and my future children’s father—walk into a new chapter in her life is one I will never forget. On infinite levels. I am a natural empath. I feel my way through relationships, life, and especially photography. I gravitate toward the emotions and authenticity coming from the people around me. So when Trish gets those welled-up teary eyes in the way she always does—I felt that. I felt the emotions of what this day was to her. To her children. To the rest of her life. While residing in California, she purchased another home in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho that I would always stay at when I’d come into town (before eventually relocating my residence to Idaho). In the living room is an electronic photo album full of her wedding photos. I would joke (kinda) that when I’d get into town at 11pm when it was dark, cold, and a little scary—that I’d look at her photos to help me bring peace and eventual sleep. Because that’s what that day was. Peace.


Ceremony Venue: St. Mary’s College

Reception Venue: Claremont Resort + Spa

Ceremony Dress: Maggie Sottero

Reception Dress: Chiara Boni

Shoes: Badgley Mischka







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